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       ↳ "This voice inside is something that I need to know I am alive, but the fear is a sickness, clouding my judgement, taking my courage. To believe again is to be whole again, so I need these songs to cure me from myself." 


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POZ Track-By-Track: coldrain - The Revelation



cold rain released The Revelation all the way back in June via Hopeless Records. PropertyOfZack is happy to be hosting a Track-By-Track with the band today for the release just in case you haven’t checked it out yet. Read up below!

The War Is On
This song is about the youth in modern day society.
It is about fighting against the false information and believing in yourself. Stand up and fighting instead of giving in.
The Revelation
Rediscovering yourself. Finding the inter strength that was buried deep inside of you. Use it to do something and be somebody in life.
I wrote it to myself when I felt like I had hit the biggest wall in my career.
Fade Away
When you give someone you love so many chances but they still take you for granted. For me it was always an escape from all the hate to write a song about them and change the negative into a positive.
Given Up On You
Giving up on a relationship and moving on after holding on for so long. You just can’t get a long with some people. If they keep taking you down you just have to say goodbye.
Time Bomb 
Inspired by all the zombie and end of the world shows and movies out there. I felt like even if zombies aren’t chasing us around in real life we are chased by things like fear. It won’t be long until we’re all the same, boring and dead inside.

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Take a look inside yourself, then you realize What you’re doing with your life Is just throwing it away.